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General Dental Surgeon

Dr. Brochu obtained her M.D. in dentistry from Université Laval in 1989. For 20 years, Dr. Brochu has provided a wide range of dental care to her patients. Since 2009, she has focused her practice exclusively on her passion: dental implantology. To do so, she chose to work with different dental teams throughout Quebec. Continually upgrading her professional skills and knowledge, Dr. Brochu strives to achieve her ultimate goal:

Making your experience as comfortable as possible,
  and the results of your dental treatments as successful and long-lasting as possible.


Along with her private practice and the many hours of continuous professional training, Dr. Brochu also thoroughly enjoys scuba diving and travelling the world.


Dr. Brochu graduated from Temple University in the United States from the following programs:


"Dental implants surgical program", "Advanced bone grafting program" and "Advanced dental implant prosthetics program".


Through the years, she continues her training in Europe, United States and Canada, especially on implant surgeries, advanced bone grafts, gingival grafts, prostheses/crowns on implants and dental occlusion.


Always on the lookout for innovations, she perfects her knowledge every year and shares it with her dental colleagues through teaching.

  • Advisor to members of the study circle at the Multidisciplinary Dental Academy

  • Speaker at the Multidisciplinary Dental Academy where she teaches bone grafts in dental implantology.

  • Speaker at "Formation IMPLogic", she teaches prosthetics on implants and surgery in dental implantology.

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